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Project Cargo



The current range of project and cargo enquires can be summarised within the following key market sectors 


Oil & Gas
The transportation of equipment within the oil and gas industry provides the greatest challenges with a trend towards increasingly larger modules. Quality “Transport Engineering” and dedicated project management is a key element in planning projects of this nature. Furthermore, the safety and monitoring of the cargo is essential to the execution and implementation of the transport. Cargoes within this sector are varied and include:  

-          Reactors, platforms, columns, drums, pressure vessels, turbines, buoyancy tanks, compressors & modules

-          Rigs, reels, carousels, riser columns, pipes


Power Industry
With the complex demands for lifting and transportation of high unit weights, cargoes within this sector include:

-         Turbines, generators, engines & transformers


Floating Craft & Units
The demand for the transportation of floating marine craft on a worldwide basis is extensive and the type of craft moved includes:

-          Barges, pontoons, dredgers, tugs, patrol boats, yachts, ferries, mooring buoys & support vessels


Marine and civil engineering projects require worldwide shipments of large equipment:

-         Cargo handling equipment to include container cranes, ship loaders, gantry cranes and mining equipment

-         Rolling stock - locomotives & railway wagons

-         Bridge sections, piles, rails, platforms, & accommodation units


Wind Energy
The demand for wind energy has increased in recent years and will continue to expand. This has provided additional cargo for ship owners moving the sensitive component parts of turbines:

-          Blades, turbines, nacelles, foundations

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